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In fall 2014, the Fondation de l’Ordre des dentistes du Québec set up the Bouche B project, a major pro bono initiative destined to benefit people in the entire province. The project is designed to assist people from disadvantaged communities who require access to urgent dental care.

The goal of Bouche B is to help people who need dental care but who cannot afford it.  We do this in part by recruiting dentists from every part of Quebec who are ready to offer certain dental care services to this clientele free of charge. The Fondation de l’Ordre des dentistes is working with social organizations in order to contact eligible clients in their region. Local youth centres in all regions are among the partners in this project.

To find out more about Bouche B or to register as a participant, please visit:


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Smile for a Lifetime

The Smile for a Lifetime Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization that provides free orthodontic care to hundreds of young individuals with a significant need for such care but who do not have access to it because of financial challenges and/or special situations.

Founded in 2008, Smile for a Lifetime Foundation has participating orthodontists throughout the US and Canada. Each local chapter has its own Board of Directors which chooses the clients to be treated. The Greater Montreal Chapter was established in 2012 and is currently the only chapter in Quebec.

For more information:

Smile for a Lifetime website

Street Kids (Jeunes de la rue)

Clinique des jeunes de la rue du CSSS Jeanne-Mance

The staff working at the clinic have the mandate of supplying health and psychosocial services adapted to the needs of young street people, marginalized youth and other youth experiencing situations likely to lead them to living in the street.

All youth aged 14 to 25 have access to the clinic, whether or not they possess a fixed address or a health insurance card. The clinic’s services are also available to youth from other provinces or who are in transit in Montreal.

Services offered:

  • Drop-in centre every afternoon, with or without an appointment
  • Nursing care
  • Medical care
  • Dental care
  • Social work and psychological services


  • Healthcare professionals
  • Peer support
  • Trainees in various disciplines

For more information:

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Clinique des jeunes de la rue du CSSS Jeanne-Mance
CLSC des Faubourgs — Sanguinet
1250, rue Sanguinet
Montréal (Québec) H2X 3E7
Phone : 514 527-9565, extn. 3682

Welcome Hall Mission

Jim Lund Dental Clinic at Welcome Hall Mission

Having no funds available, a number of deprived people in Montreal never go to the dentist. The Jim Lund clinic at Welcome Hall Mission was set up specifically to help such people. It’s the first permanent establishment offering free dental care in Montreal. It was created as the result of a partnership between McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry and the Welcome Hall Mission.

Services offered:

  • Complete dental check-up
  • Regular and deep cleaning (under local anaesthetic)
  • Simple fillings
  • Simple extractions
  • Referral to Montreal General Hospital for emergencies

Team :

  • 2 dentists
  • 1 resident
  • 1 dental assistant
  • 1 student (dental assistant)
  • 2 dental hygienists from John Abbott College
  • 2 student trainees from 3rd and 4th year of McGill University’s Faculty of Dentistry

For more information:

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606, rue de Courcelle
Montréal (Québec) H4C 3L5
Phone : 514 523-5288, poste 172
Fax : 514 906-0767